About Us


We wish to introduce ourselves as a leading electroplating unit based in Sharjah handling most of metal surface finishing activities and mechanical polishing requirements. We undertake below mentioned plating & polishing works.

A high gloss, pure deposit with undercoat of Nickel used for decorative purpose such as electrical switch plates, chandelier & ceiling lights. Hardware items like decorative door handles, locks, hinges & accessories. Sanitary fittings like mixers, shower accessories & various decorative articles.

Pure Silver deposit used for Hotel amenities like cutleries, trays & various decorative articles. Also used in Switchgear Industry for copper bus bars, links & breaker points for better ductility & solderability.

It used for specializing in re-conditioning of various engineering & highly precision components to their original specification.

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Bright Nickel Chrome

Bright nickel chrome deposition up to 25 micron thickness with an undercoat of bright copper for indoor furniture, iron mongery, boat & motor bike accessories, & sanitary fittings.

Bright Silver Plating

A highly ductile deposit used for copper bus bars links & breaker points & also used in Hotel industries for cooking copper pots & accessories.

Anti corrosive deposit for fasteners & mild steel fabricated structures prior painting or powder coating.

A decorative coat of antique brass, bronze and copper for indoor furniture’s, iron mongery & various decorative stainless steel, brass, copper panels & accessories.

Buffing & Polishing

Buffing & polishing of brass, stainless steel hand rails, iron mongery & various fabricated furniture’s & structures.