Antique Plating

Premium Quality Antique Plating Services

A decorative coat of antique brass, bronze and copper for indoor furniture’s, iron mongery & various decorative stainless steel, brass, copper panels & accessories. We have been delivering antique brass and copper plating services in Sharjah for multiple clients and industries for many years. Our professionals know what you want in terms of getting metal coatings for better appearance and protection. Whether you want restoration of your decorative antiques or you are in the hardware industry, we can re-plate or polish almost everything at competitive cost.

Well-organized Metal Plating Services in Sharjah

Depending on the type of metal, the antique plating process can be accomplished for protecting the metal from environmental damage. The process of antique plating is ideal for items such as candlesticks, interior fittings, indoor furniture’s, ironmongery & various decorative stainless steel, brass, copper panels & accessories etc.

The antique coating is applied with Satine mop or can be applied directly, based upon the shape of the product.

Antique Plating Works

Being one of the leading metal plating company, we take the responsibility of delivering amazing results and safety for your products be it household decorative items or industrial products.