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Brass Electroplating

Apart from gold, copper & silver another important metal used for electroplating is brass. brass electroplating is used for the creation of bass sculptures. brass electro formation refers to a metal forming process which is formed in thin parts through the electroplating process & is produced as a result of plating a metal skin onto a base form. This is known as mandrel. Brass electroforming process which produces plating, much thicker and can sustain itself even if the mandrel is removed.

Types of Plating

Conventional cyanide plating process.

  • It plates twice as fast as any other cyanide brass process]
  • It is a single additive process with excellent throwing power that produces a lustrous, highly desirable yellow-green, 70/30 brass color 
  • It is a low temperature process operating at 105° F and can be used in both rack and barrel operations
  • The copper and zinc plate together in a uniform alloy composition over a wider current density and temperature range, thereby helping to reduce rejects due to poor color, non-uniformity and poorly oxidized finishes 
  • The E-Brite B-150 utilizes electrosolv as an anode corroder which retards the growth of carbonates, plus in barrel brass lines utilizing electrosolv will eliminate the need for addition of copper and zinc cyanide when using 70/30 brass anodes
  • BPA (Brass Passivating Agent) 
  • An alkaline, chromate-based passivating solution for brass, bronze, copper and silver
  • It is used cathodically after plating to prevent spotting and bleed-out and preserves the original color of plated surfaces
  • It provides excellent short term protection for parts in processing with resistance to 100 hour salt spray and 500 hours of 100% humidity without a lacquer topcoat
  • It is the preferred agent for increased corrosion resistance for plated objects top-coated with a clear acrylic or epoxy lacquer and also for clear powder coatings
  • The use of BPA will double and even quadruple the life of a clear top-coat
  • It also works equally as well on solid wrought brass alloys and copper 
  • Antique Brass Plating 
  • Antiques are frequently passed down through generations and become cherished items in the home. Unfortunately, many antiques are bound to have scratches or loose paint throughout years of wear and tear. Brass plating is the perfect way restore antiques and add a protective layer. Our expert services provide polishing, lacquering, and brass plating of antiques.