Holy Quran

Al Quran Al Kareem the most revered, auspicious and divine kitab sent by Almighty Allah Ta’ala unto prophet Mohammed SA is a marvel in itself, a book which has left the most affluent literary craftsmen at awe due it its immaculate scripture, a revelation which has withstood the challenges of time but still remains tall amidst the iniquitous attempts by the wrong doers. A book with such a high decree deserves much more than the conventional methods of preserving. People around the world have ventured into this divine feat of preserving the holy revelation with utmost dexterity but one humble yet sacred and awe inspiring attempt has been made by Al Asriah metals Sharjah UAE who has gold plated the Quran e Majid. Sounds surreal but yes it has been actually done with the help of ultra special craftsmen who did more than simply electroplating the manuscript.

Why Gold Plating ? A question which raises eyebrows in awe and admiration to which the answer lies in the durability and longevity of the process that would protect the Divine Kitab from corrosion and withering over time. Secondly, it makes the object damage proof from water, moisture, dust, or temperature. And lastly because of its sanctity it deserves to be protected in the most imperial way possible to show how much it is loved and respected.

Al Asriah Metals has decades of rich experience in metal works and electroplating backed up with the latest technology, processes, and dedicated proficient craftsmen. They are known for their excellent finishing and polishing works throughout the UAE, working in all possible segments of electroplating, including gold, silver, nickel, hard chrome, tin, and antique plating, along with galvanizing, mechanical buffing and polishing and fabrication works. This prestigious project of gold plating the Quran Al Karim and gifting it to its actual heir is only one amongst many other noteworthy and successful khidmats rendered by Al Asriah. The pride for them lies in the acknowledgment of all those khidmat by His Holiness Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin tus and opening up future avenues of such khidmats.

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