"Amazing Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating "

If you are into the industrial market, then you already know the importance of surface coating for corrosion resistance and metal protection, and how effectively industrial and general hard chrome plating has made the process easier. With hard chrome plating, you can ensure durability and resistance in a harsh environment where protection is a must.

What is Hard Chrome Plating?

From many years, a lot of your kitchen appliances and fittings have been serving you without much issues and that is the impact of hard chrome plating for better surface protection. It is a popular electroplating procedure where chromium is divided from a chromic acid solution and applied in various methods. The micro cracked layer of chrome plating should contain a thickness from 10 to 120 µm to ensure maximum surface protection.

The carefully maintained chrome coating may appear to be a pure aesthetic metal finish to most of the industrial equipment and tools but chrome plating offers a wide range of benefits and some of them are mentioned below:

Wide Range of Usage: Hard chrome plating is ideal for a wide range of applications and products, be it for industrial products or common household products such as pistons, hydraulic cylinders, automotive components, screws, models, press punches, tools, pumps and textile products etc.

Appearance of Hard Chrome Finish: 

On top of everything of hard chrome plating, why general customers prefer it is the appealing and bright finish it gives along with the longevity. Parts and products that are used for display are hard chrome plated to get the attention of the buyers and with a smooth finish after polishing and grinding, hard chrome plating can ideally be used for sliding guide applications, and ball bearing too.

Maximum Surface Protection:

The properties of chromium plating work as a shield against oxidation and moisture, and have the capacity to survive even in the worst climate and temperature, which make is a perfect material for surface protection. Due to its corrosion resistant and aesthetics, hard chrome has become one of the most recommended electroplating methods around the world.

More Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating:

  • It can be used for a wide variety of elements, such as stainless steel, brass, copper, and so on.
  • It is ideal for complicated and unique geometries such as holes and bores for even smooth finish.
  • Hard chrome plating can be implemented at low temperatures, indicating the little impact to the substrate metal.
  • Adherence is excellent, which makes it perfect for automotive and industrial usage.

Once the chrome layer is applied on the metal, it provides a hard, strong covering that withstands corrosion, shock and other harmful chemicals. 

You additionally get a clear, uniform, attractive cover which can easily be cleaned and inspected for unusual damage. Also, some of the industrial chrome plating applying requires a uniform and attractive finish, and for that, hard chrome plating is the best solution.
Now that you know what makes hard chrome plating a worth investing solution for metal protection and appeal, you must understand the importance of choosing a right electroplating company which is experienced and licensed enough to fulfill your hard chrome plating requirements in the best possible manner and an affordable package. You may not have an in-depth knowledge of hard chrome plating or other types of electroplating methods but with immense benefits and low cost applying, you can definitely go with chrome plating for almost all types of applications and metal.

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