Industrial Powder Coating

When it comes to industrial painting applications and surface thickness, powder coating is a great process that delivers numerous benefits to the finished surface. Painted surfaces can be easily damaged or scratched in bad weather conditions and corrosion affected the environment.

Hence, powder coating is used to create a thick protective layer that not only protects the surface but increases the appearance of the products and tools. Unlike paint or other protective coatings, powder coating offers a smooth, drip-free finish that lasts a very long time. Here are some significant benefits why powder coating is an ideal option to choose for achieving instant and durable surface finish.

More Effective & Durable: The most important reasons for choosing powder coating over other options are the durability and effectiveness it offers. Apart from protecting your tools from scratches and heat, it delivers flexibility and can handle a little vibration without cracking or damaging. Whether for a decorative product or industrial equipment, powder coating results in the high quality, durable and attractive finish, which makes it an ideal option for fabrication.

Environmental Friendly: As no solvents or chemicals are involved in the powder coating process, it is an ideal and environment-friendly option used to adhere powder to tools and equipment.

Unlike paints, which are harmful to the breathing system and health, the powder does not contain anything that affects your skin or health. Thus, it is completely safe and good for the environment as well.

Corrosion Resistance: When it comes to metal fabricated products, rusting has always been a major drawback, resulting in loss and damage to your products. The products kept outdoors get affected by rain, sleet, and heat, and the products kept indoor suffer from humidity and water exposure. Powder coating prevents corrosion and rust from damaging the surface of the metal products and equipment, enabling you to protect your expensive products for a longer period of time.

Colour Varieties with Appearance: The most amazing quality of powder coating is that is it formulated to be compatible with all the rainbow colors. Unlike the daunting paint mixing and matching process, powders coating formula offers limitless colors and finish options, whether you want a decorative coating or mixed color coating, on different products.

Fast & Easy Application: Powder coating is applied in a way that a single layer can protect the surface without any blended chemicals or paint. A professional is just required to carefully cover the entire target surface at once, and send the piece to the curing oven one time. This makes the surface durable and thick within a few minutes without any additional coating or long hours of drying.

Plus, when you use the traditional painted surface method, there is a long process of waxing, buffing, and drying is involved, which not only requires additional efforts but affects the environment as well. Therefore, powder coating is a faster and easier choice for any sort of fabrication and surface protection application.

Economical: As mentioned earlier, the process of industrial powder coating takes less time as compared to the other methods, which means the cost of those additional drying steps and double-layer coating would be saved. Plus, the powder used is less expensive, which makes the process cost-effective for both parties. You can also save on labor expenses as the process can be maintained by usually one or two technicians.

Without any doubt, it is easy to see how the extraordinary process of powder coating has taken over the traditional coating options and saved a lot of time for industrial fabrication, and surface coating applications. But for better results, you need to find a reliable source that is licensed to perform industrial powder coating applications, having all the latest tools and equipment.

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